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October 17, 2011

  • Porn on Beta's third album is now slated to be released in early 2012! Stay tuned for more details soon.

  • May 11, 2009

  • Porn on Beta is not dead despite the lack of output, we're just regrouping for our next attack. POB's third album 'Evolver' is evolving. Keep watching this space for updates.

  • Like the Porn on Beta facebook page!

  • June 15, 2006

  • Porn on Beta now has a myspace page with songs and friends on it, come check us out and add us to your friends list at myspace.com/pornonbetaofficial

  • Ten demo songs have been completed for the upcoming third album called 'Evolver'. You can check out some of the titles on the discography page.

  • December 26, 2005

  • Work has started on songs for Porn On Beta's third album. You can download demo clips of some of the songs that may appear on the album. Songs include Conflict Generation, Throw, Beautiful and Rigid.

  • Four songs of remixing by Porn On Beta are in the audio section, including a vocal mix by POB on a song by Firefly called Men Of God.

  • The people at the Fabricari website have come up with a great idea of timelapse artistry set to music. This particular drawing uses POB's song Hypocrite.

  • July 5, 2004

  • Porn On Beta's second album 'Brand New Road To Nowhere' was released today! You can download it in it's entirety for free in mp3 format or download the ISO image and burn the perfect copy of the CD for yourself! Porn On Beta highly encourages file sharing of their music.


    VANCOUVER, Canada - July 5, 2004 - Porn On Beta releases their second album titled 'Brand New Road To Nowhere' as a free download from their official website http://www.pornonbeta.com/

    Porn On Beta's 'Brand New Road To Nowhere' web release is available in its entirety from the website in unrestricted mp3 format. Porn On Beta fully encourages sharing and distribution of this album and all other music that Porn On Beta makes.

    With James O'Brien taking the helm on vocals and Shawn McGillivray on guitars, 'Brand New Road To Nowhere' tells a story of evolution of the Porn On Beta sound. The cohesive diversity of this new album also demonstrates the maturation of the lyric and song writing by Corey Hobbis. Upbeat songs such as 'Disconnected', 'SuperUtopia' and 'Rewind' are complemented by the soulful melodies from 'A Different Sky', 'Cryptic' and 'Divisions' creating a balanced flow throughout 'Brand New Road'.

    The tour to support the album will take Porn On Beta through the northwest Americas, stopping in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Seattle and Victoria in late 2004. Following the web release of A 'Brand New Road To Nowhere', an extended CD will be available for purchase with three bonus tracks ('Crystal', 'Fake ID's and Felonies' and 'Sentiment') that are not available on the web release. The extended CD will also be followed up by a remix album by artists such Halorazer and vo1d/diGitaLia.

    Porn On Beta: http://www.pornonbeta.com/
    Contact: http://www.pornonbeta.com/contact.php

  • If you are a musician and are interested remixing a song from the 'Brand New Road To Nowhere' release for Porn On Beta's remix album please contact Porn On Beta.

  • May 21, 2004

  • The covers have been released! Grab all five covers by Porn On Beta! This is our way of thanking our fans who have waited patiently for the upcoming new album 'Brand New Road To Nowhere'! Please contact via email or drop a post in the forums and let the band know what you thought of them!

  • Porn On Beta has done a remix of the song Halo from Collide. You can visit this page and download it from their site.

  • Porn On Beta has been asked to appear in an upcoming documentary on Dark Culture in Canada called Dark Canada. The taping session is expected to be in August when they visit the western part of Canada.

  • The album 'Brand New Road To Nowhere' is approximately 3-4 weeks away from being ready for release. All the songs have been recorded and are now in the mixing phase. Drop the band a line and you can be added to the mailing list for notification of when the album is released!

  • Porn On Beta is currently booking the locations for the Brand New Road Tour and the dates and places will shortly be announced.

  • March 25, 2004

  • The album release of 'Brand New Road To Nowhere' draws ever closer! POB have been in the studio feverishly recording tracks for the new album. You can track the recording process on the progress page. As of this writing the release date of the album looks to be May 15, 2004. 'Brand New Road To Nowhere' will be available for FREE from the Porn On Beta website. A release of a purchasable album will be available with some bonus tracks on it for those who would like to support the band.

  • A new video is up on the Porn On Beta video page! This two camera video was shot at the most recent live performance in December. The song featured in the video is 'Rewind' and will be on the new album 'Brand New Road To Nowhere'.

  • Porn On Beta is planning to release a number of cover songs right before the album comes out. Make sure you grab them when they go up because.... once the album is released they're going to be removed from the website! Expect to see these songs go up around mid to end of April.

    Cover songs include:
    - Round And Round Ver 1.3 (New Order)
    - Stand By Me (Ben E King)
    - Everything Is Automatic (Matthew Good Band)
    - Father Figure (George Michael)
    - One (Three Dog Night)

  • Also planned is a FREE CD single to be released shortly after the album with a number of great remixes from the 'Brand New Road To Nowhere' album.

  • Porn On Beta has a forum for discussions! Discuss Porn On Beta in the forum with other fans and talk about your favorite song or the last PoB gig you went to.

  • October 26, 2003

  • Porn On Beta will be playing a round of live shows to support their new album "Brand New Road To Nowhere" in December. The dates/places will soon be announced on the front page and in the Live section of the site.

  • The shot to the right is from an upcoming video for one of the songs off of "Brand New Road To Nowhere". It was shot in the Nevada Desert when James went down there to Burning Man 2003. The video should be released around the same time as the album or shortly after. Click on the picture to see the full size.

  • Progress on the new album "Brand New Road To Nowhere" is coming along as a brisk pace and should be right on schedule for the December 2003 release. Check out the progress page for up to date progress on the songs that are going to go on the new album.

  • July 6, 2003

  • Porn on Beta will be performing LIVE!! on Monday July 21, 2003 as the FIRST band on the brand new TV show, The Sean Kennedy Show!! They will be playing three brand new, previously unheard songs off of their forthcoming album "Brand New Road to Nowhere" If you are local to the BC area you will be able to come down and watch them, but if you're not you have the opportunity to see them no matter where you are in the world!! The show will be aired LIVE on the Internet!! The show will be broadcast live through RantTV which allows you to watch Porn On Beta through the webpage or through winamp! For more details on where and when check out the Live section of the page. Original graphic design for logo to the right done by Nixter from AngryShirts modified only slightly by Cimmerian.

  • The name of Porn On Beta's Second Album announced! It will be called "Brand New Road To Nowhere" and will be a free web released album! Yes, you heard me right, the whole album will be free to download right here at no cost to you. POB will be looking into ways to also press the CD at the lowest cost possible for people who like to have a physical disc in their hand. Artwork for the CD will also be downloadable so you can make your own cover of the CD The CD release date is scheduled for the fall of 2003. You can check out the details of the album on the discography page and it even has a possible track listing!

  • There are now 30 second mp3 clips added to every song on all Porn On Beta releases. You can listen to every single song we officially released, enjoy! Go check out the discography page.

  • The recording progress page is now upgraded to included dates of the progress of the songs you can track how close we are to the new album release!

  • Apparently we are a hotlink on LiveJournal! I've added the Porn On Beta fan link added to Links section of the page.
  • May 8, 2003

  • New Look To Website: The Porn On Beta site has yet again revamped it's look for the better! Punkass has graciously donated his time to improving the look of this site 100%! You may notice that he's also the one that has contributed the wallpapers in the video section of the site! He's is obviously a major PoB fan. PoB thanks him immensly and for his contributions he's getting a free PoB CD + a bunch of bonus unreleased audio tracks coming in the mail to him soon.

  • Live Practice Video: Fresh video from last practice of Porn On Beta doing their version of New Order's song Round and Round. (Format: DivX 5.05, 15fps, 300kbps vid, 24/22/mono sound, 9.6 MB) We're practicing at our good buddy Nate's Endoplasmic Entertainment studio. We hope to get more videos up including a montage video from all our performances and practices of Suburban Cowboy if all goes well. The video on the site should be viewable by everyone on any OS, the format of the video is DivX. Grab the latest codec here and play in your favorite player! NOTE: Without downloading the newest 5.05 version if the DivX codec, the video may not play correctly.
  • April 19, 2003

  • BRAND NEW SONG RELEASED! 'Needful Things' This one will blow you away. Head over to the audio section and download the song. If you are a DJ or a remixer out there I've supplied the acapella version of 'Needful Things' as well.

  • Porn on Beta has lost two members and gained another one! Marj and Mike have both left the band on amicable terms and have welcomed a new member Shawn on guitars!

  • I've added three acapella mixes of the three newest songs: Crystal, Fake ID's and Felonies and Hypocrite. We encourage people to have at the songs and try their hand at remixing Porn On Beta! Just drop us a line if you have remixed any of the songs we've done.
  • February 20, 2003

  • Porn On Beta has released three brand new songs that you can download! Check out the new songs in the audio section!! The new songs are Hypocrite, Crystal and Fake ID's and Felonies!. I will be posting the instrumentals and acapella versions soon ready for remixing!!

  • Which brings us to the big news! Porn On Beta will be releasing their second album in the coming months! It will a FREE (as in FREE) web only release! More details coming soon.

  • The Porn On Beta page is undergoing a facelift that will be improving over the next couple of weeks as you can already see. If anybody has some graphics ideas or suggestions just email me with them.

  • I would like to thank PunkAss for the two amazing Porn On Beta wallpapers, one of which you can see to the right. Check them out and download them in the audio section! More fan artwork to follow soon!
  • October 27, 2002

  • You can download Porn On Beta's newest song in it's entirety from the audio page. The new song is a cover of New Order's song Round and Round. Download, enjoy and share!
  • You can now cover your desktop with Porn. Cimmerian made two desktops for Porn On Beta so if you want to grab one just head over to the multimedia section and grab it! It comes in two fabulous colours of black and white.
  • September 18, 2002

  • P.O.B. is always in the studio creating the music you love so there's been a progress page added to keep the fans up to date on the songs and other projects Porn On Beta is working on.
  • The photo page has been rearranged to be a little easier to navigate for everyone. Better vid caps of our CD release party will be added soon for bigger and clearer pics.
  • A simple PayPal button has been added on the merchandise page to make things easier on people ordering the Porn On Beta CD. Get yours TODAY!!
  • The page is going to go under a redesign soon to help to simplify navigation of the site

  • August 11, 2002

  • Porn on Beta was in top form on August 4th and turned out our best performance yet! Check out some pics from the show once again taken by our official photographers Hayley and Blackwolf! There will be some more pics when they're all developed. We also had our official filmographer Scotty there with the vid camera and some vid *will* be posted.
  • There are FOUR new songs up on the audio section! These are from the August 4th, 2002 show. Ahhh, what a great show.
  • Forums are now up for fans to discuss Porn On Beta, the live gigs and meet other POB fans!
  • July 17, 2002

  • Next Porn On Beta show announced!! North Vancouver - August 4th, 2002 @ 5PM. Check out the gigs section for more details! I believe it's a free show but don't quote me on that! ;-)
  • The pictures are up from our show on July 1st, 2002! Thanks to Blackwolf for taking these pictures!
  • June 2, 2002

  • Despite problems with the audio monitors on stage we played a six song set at the Playdium yesterday. We had four videographers and a photographer there to document the show and I should have the photographs up soon as they're developed. Thanks to all the people that bought CD's and cheered us on. Channel 10 Now TV was there to document the event and interviewed us after the show. I'll try to let everyone know the interview will be on or to try and get it here for download.
  • We are endlessly working on new songs for everyone! We are cranking out one every couple of weeks we just need to get all the members into the studio to record their parts and the songs will be playing through your speakers.
  • May 4, 2002

  • I want to thank everyone who voted for Porn On Beta in Online Battle Of The Bands. We won in the first round and will be playing live on June 1st at Playdium Burnaby, check out the live section for address and details!
  • Our MP3.COM page is now back up and functional with song updates so go and download some songs!
  • There are still copies available of our 1st release Welcome to Real Life so order yours today before they're gone!
  • April 19, 2002

  • Another day, another contest Porn On Beta is entered in! Hurry on over to Online Battle Of The Bands and vote for Porn On Beta! They only have Canadian Provinces so if you're not in Canada, just pick our town, Vancouver , British Columbia, because I know that we have fans all over North America and beyond. We need to stay in the top 12 to get to the finals so tell all your friends to vote, or vote for them (1 e-mail address per vote!)
  • April 18, 2002

  • For some reason mp3.com has completely messed up our download site for our songs so you can find some FULL mp3's in our audio section.

  • Porn On Beta is now back in the studio and have layed down all the drums, keys and guitars for a number of new songs. Vocals and bass will be following shortly and then mixing, so keep an eye open for these songs. There will be multiple remixes of some of the songs as well.

  • March 22, 2002

  • Vid caps from the show on March 15th, 2002 are now up in the video section. There are 85 pictures, so have patience!
  • March 18, 2002

  • Porn On Beta would like to thank all the fans who came out to the CD Release Party on Friday at the Anza Club and bought the new album! You guys all made it a great show! If you missed buying the album you can still order it online! There were four cameras videotaping the event and we will be putting together a produced video of the whole show. I will be posting select songs and videos on this site soon for fans to download.

  • P.O.B. will be going back into the studio to record some new songs that were debuted at the show on Friday. They include titles such as Latenight Revelation (Vocal Version), Hypocrite, Round & Round (New Order Cover) and Cryptic.
  • March 6, 2002

    Porn On Beta needs your help! VOTE HERE to get us into the finals so we can get some recording time and get some more music to YOU! Along with voting, you can also get a VERY high quality version of the previously unreleased Suburban Cowboy (Radio Mix). Please go and Vote HERE! You can only vote once from each IP address so pass it along to all your friends.

    The video section of the web site has also been updated with some photos from our photoshoot we did a couple of weeks ago. We'll be posting more as I scan them in.

    The CD release party information has been updated. DJ Oddmud is now opening up for Porn On Beta. Please visit the LIVE section of the site for more info!
    February 5, 2002

    - A location has been set for the CD release party of Welcome To Real Life.

    Friday, March 15, 2002 - Anza Club (3 W.8th Ave. Vancouver, BC)
    Porn On Beta CD Release Party (w/ DJ OddMud)
    Doors 8PM/First Band 9:30/POB at 11PM
    Price: $7.00 At The Door
    Fully Licenced, Drink Up!

    I've also put up some clips for download in the audio section of some of our unreleased remixes. I'll be putting up clips from all of songs very soon.
    February 1, 2002

    - Shooting for the music video of "Suburban Cowboy" was delayed over the winter season and should resume in late spring. There are two versions of the video planned. The first version being the normal album version and a special Sean Kennedy "Rant" mix for the more adventurous. Also I just discovered while listening to the station that the online station Digital Gunfire now has Porn On Beta in their rotation, thanks guys! I also just found out we're in rotation on DisRadio as well.
    January 31, 2002

    - Porn on Beta is currently seeking the perfect place to have its CD release party and is working on 3 or 4 new songs that do not appear on the album including two cover songs. Production is done on two of these songs in preparation for the live show and the mp3 mixdown will hopefully be available for download after we lay some vocals on them in the studio.
    The feature on Dopamine on the 25th was great and I'd like to thank Stoicite for helping promote the band! I should have that available for download as well in short order.
    January 24, 2002

    - Sorry for the short notice but I was just informed today that Porn on Beta will be featured on the show Dopamine on the radio station Amped Out at 8PM PST/11PM EST January 25, 2002 hosted by Stoicite. Drop on by their page tomorrow and take a listen!
    January 15, 2002

    - Lyrics to the album 'Welcome To Real Life' have been added. You can access them through the Discography section. Biography also updated with a picture of some of the members of the band.
    December 07, 2001

    - www.pornonbeta.com web site grand opening! You can order our debut CD from this page and also go to our download page at mp3.com to download some exclusive tracks not available on the CD! Stay tuned to the page for photos of the members of the band.
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