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PORN: Illegal activities designed to stimulate sexual desire. ref

BETA: Beta is the usual waking rhythm of the brain associated with active thinking, active attention, focus on the outside world or solving concrete problems. ref

PORN ON BETA is as many popular electronic styles that you can cram together to create a new medium of SOULFUL, emotional, Driving Electronic Music. Porn on Beta can be described as Ambient/Industrial with House anthem Overtones
Porn On Beta Members:

Corey Hobbis - Vocals, Programming, Synth, Guitar
Formed POB January 2000
James O'Brien - Vocals, Production, Mastering, Synth
Joined May 2001
Porn On Beta was formed in June 2000 by principal songwriter Corey Hobbis, as a solo project, but then blossomed into a band, when Cimmerian joined as lead vocalist. Before joining on with Porn On Beta, Cimmerian was the founder of the extremely popular internet radio station RantRadio, which specialized in the style of music that Corey was creating. The band recorded their first Album "Welcome To Real Life" and released it independently in March 2002, to some critical acclaim. The live unit exploded from two people to five, including a female singer/guitarist,bass player, and percussionist. After some shows in various venues around the Vancouver Area, the live unit was pared down to three, with the addition of the newest permanent member, guitarist Shawn Mcgillvray whose vision was right in line where the band was heading. May 2004 will see the release of the sophomore album "Brand New Road To Nowhere", which promotes a more organic, freewheeling EBM sound, that breaks out of the rigid bindings that vocal electronic music sometimes creates for itself.

Analog synth,Video Game Sounds, Guitars,samples,Roland DR-550, Korg 03r/w, Mini MOOG

In The Media:
"Porn On Beta deliver a taste of most genres of electronica on their new cd 'Welcome to Real Life'. Sometimes they're stripped down, and at other times lush...but they are definitely always moody. Porn On Beta think out of the box, and manage to capture the spirit of an electronic jam without leaving you feeling like you've been dictated to. Their song's have structure...and the hardest thing for an electronic based band to do has been conquered...they have written songs here"
- David Hawkes: CFOX - Vancouver

"I can hear from the POB sound that you guys are heavily influenced by the electronic sound of the late '80s. It is especially apparent on the tracks Disconnected, Hypocrite, Liquid Sun, Rewind and SuperUtopia, all of which have the so-mentioned signature boldly on the sleeves." ... "Quite a gem now for everyone already sick of electro bands either taking on the powernoise route or washing their vocals through a fuzz box."
- Stan Loe, Station Manager of TCP Eclectic Radio

"EBM from Canada's West Coast. Dark music made by those who know how how to use ambience at one moment and a driving beat in another. Great vocals and urgent lyrics."
-Matt Thompson, Music Director, 93.3 CFMU

"hey guys! i run a streaming industrial webcast at http://stoicnoise.net .. i came across a song of yours and have been playing the shit out of it on my station. i just stopped by mp3.com and bought the full cd and must say i like it tremendously!"
- Stoicite: Owner/DJ of stoicnoise.net

"Some other reviews this update are the very first music reviews! First, is "Porn On Beta" an electronic/techno band from the suburbs of greater Vancouver, BC. PoB suprised me and the others I've shared their music with. An original and complicated style, heavy in pleasing pop-samples and tinny vocals, every song we have listened to has been great. I suggest downloading everything of theirs that you can find! If you wind up listening in the car, in the shop, on the way home, while on your computer...buy the album, not only is it affordable...it's worth every penny."
- Justin of GoonSquad

In Rotation On:
RantRadio - Industrial Radio Station
Amped Out - Industrial Radio Station
Immortal Continuum - Industrial Radio Station
Digital Gunfire - Industrial Radio Station
DisRadio - Radio Station
MetaPhreaq Radio - Industrial Radio Station
Nocturnal Radio - Industrial Radio Station

One of the top ten finalists in CFOX 99.3 FM (Vancouver, BC) 2001 SnoJam Contest
One of the finalists in Vancouver Playdium Band Wars 2002
Past Members Of Porn On Beta:

Shawn McGillivray - Guitar
April 2003-March 2007
Don den Braber - Bass, Guitar
November 2001-November 2003
Mike - Drums, Percussion
December 2001 - April 2003
Maartje - Vocals, Guitar
Summer 2000 - August 2002
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